My name is Miguel Micaelo, a Brand & Communication Designer with 12+ years expertise on both agency and client side - with leading experience in art direction, branding, print & UX design, bringing a proven knowledge of creative strategy, vision and communication to companies and clients.

Overall thinker, a key area in my design process is “Think more, design less” as a motto. Ideas start with pen and paper, briefing, brainstorming and a strong concept come first - great design, strategy, consistency and meticulous precision is the next step to a succesful project.

My experiences in design have taken me to work in the most diverse places in the world, different cultures, people, personalities and mentalities. But inspite of this, communication, understanding common goals, competence and teamwork are universal and my main professional objective is always the same:
Do great work + work with great people!

Currently I am working and living by the sea in the beautiful and sunny city of Porto (Portugal), and as always, seeking new experiences, ambitious projects and getting to know great people.

For freelance work feel free to contact me.


Yellow Pantone colour with bananas

PS: And yes.... I am "bananas for yellow"!


German Design Award >>

Metals Magazine | Editorial Design
(in collaboration with Feedback)
German Design Award >>
Metals Technologies App | Digital Media
(in collaboration with Qupik)

German Brand Award >>
Metals Magazine | Excellence in Brand Strategy
(in collaboration with Feedback)
Caesar Award Winner >>
Primetals Technologies | Exhibition Booth
(in collaboration with ARS Electronica)

Caesar Award Nominee >>
3D Visualization Tool | Digital & Interactive Media
(in collaboration with Enova)

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